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Bozkar® Thermal Insulation Systems(Wärmedämmsysteme) Ltd.



M.E.D. & Type Approved HVAC and Technical Insulation Products for Corrosion Resistance and Energy Savings in Any Kind of Industrial Plant and Multy-Utility Buildings(Airports)


M.E.D. & Type Approved A & B Class Fire Safe and Comfort Insulation Products via it's Highly Efficient Density as 70 Kg/m³


M.E.D. & Type Approved &100 Non-Flammable Decorative Indoor Upholstery & Curtain Fabrics,
Hotel Comfort Mattresses.


M.E.D. Approved Technical & High Temperature Fabrics for Technical Insulations such as, E-HRS™ Exhaust Heat Reduction Insulation and Fire Safe Insulation Facings

M.E.D. & Type Approved Technical Tapes such as, Flange Cover Personal Protection "Anti-Splashing" & Insulation Joints

M.E.D. Approved Comfort & Thermal Insulaton Products.

Exhaust Heat Reduction Systems & Energy Saving Systems